Sunday, January 23, 2011

OMG! it is 2011

phew! 2010 has passed... when? Darn, time passes so quickly! That is actually a :) and :( thought.
I have finally moved and have a normal sized kitchen. Finished with 2x2 m kitchen, although it was fun and interesting to get along in that tiny little kitchen.
Well this one isn't huge enough (yeah,it is true, you can never truly satisfy a woman:P)either, but at least it is an upgrade from what I had.
I have almost forgotten what a bug it is to move and especially what a bug it is to move in and arrange your stuff. And we have a LOT of stuff, we just realised this.
This kitchen may be bigger, but I do not have space for my spices and other cooking "need to have"s. Need to buy some shelves!
My BF doesn't have space for his IT stuff (do not ask for details, I have no idea what most of those stuff are, the way that he has no idea what spice is used for what:))).
Now that is a paradox. We got along just fine in a tiny apartment and now in a bigger one "we don't have space".
We are not finished with the unpacking, the house is a mess and we realised that we need to buy a bunch of stuff.
So wish us luck and patience! :)

Here is something to cheer you up :