Sunday, March 6, 2011

SSB : The Diet That Time Forgot

The other night I was doing some work while in the background the TV was on.At one point I became attentive to a very interesting documentary which I would like to share with you also.

The documentary was about "Four overweight Brits, addicted to fast food meals, take the road to Pakistan, where they are welcomed by a community of shepherds, who use the same diet for thousands of years. It remains to be seen whether the four Europeans will be able to break bad habits and learn to eat healthy and unexpectedly delicious." (source)
"The four Brits will go 'cold turkey' as they swap chicken nuggets for goat; pizzas for super lean yak; and tinned ravioli for apricot soup. It's a nutritionally balanced, optimal diet which has resulted in locals living to a ripe old age, free from obesity related diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer; but to our Brits - who fail to consume five fruit and veg a month, let alone a day - the diet will be tasteless, monotonous and downright unpalatable." (source)

At first this might sound a bit extreme for them, but in time they realise that food actually tastes very good and their senses just needed a "retraining" :)
Their whole life is changed by this experience. It is wonderful to see how an experience like this changes gradually the life of a person in a positive way.

If you would like to see the documentary, you can find it here.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ad free blogs

I do admire anyone who does something from passion, not for the money.
In the same category are the very few blogs without ads. I don't blame the ones that make their living from the ads they support on their blogs, but when you start doing it for money, it has no more ... sincerity.
From there on it's "oh my, what to write to keep my followers interested and keep the ad request flowing in". You somehow loose the reason why you started blogging in the first place.
(Here I am making the assumption that you didn't started out blogging for the money, sorry, if that doesn't apply to your case.)
I have friends who will confirm what I just stated. With widely popular blogs of which they are bored of. They cannot afford to always be 100% sincere because they might just lose some followers. Screw that!
Either you choose to stand by your thought & opinions and find a day job to earn your money, either remain a hypocrite blogger who searches to please others by any means.

When I saw "Urbane Fruits" and this cute little button, I automatically said : "wow, it is refreshing to know that bloggers like this still exist."

Have a nice weekend!