Sunday, August 15, 2010

Presenting "Sweet, Sour, Bitter" Posts - Testimonial

I'm going to present to you from now on my adventures in the kitchen.
One thing about me is that I (almost) never respect a recipe to the letter, it is always personalized according to what comes in my mind (and my fridge:D) per the moment. I recommend you to try it. It is fun and you may just discover some new recipe that you will love more then the original one.

Cooking for me is fun, passionate, relaxing and healthy.

I have an extra small 2x3 m kitchen, but that will not stop me from cooking and eating what I want and love.

You will not find in my post way too healthy and obsessively clean cooking, because cooking is not about that!!!
Cooking is fun and adventurous and passionate and free.
"Free your mind and the rest will follow" said an old song, and that is what cooking should do to you as well.
Be open minded, relaxed and HUNGRY and I warranty, there will be little possibility for you to do something uneatable :)))

I am also not against meat or cooked food or anything else that became an obsession to people nowadays and are trying (unsuccessfully may I add) to prove that they are stronger then their own instincts and body.
Eat what your body is asking for, don't listen to everyone (unless they are nutritionists)! Eat a bit of everything. Diversity is the key and diversity is the only thing I ask from my food. Don't build up frustration! Rather cut down on the volume of "not so healthy food" or even better, find a healthy alternative, then to build up frustration. Think healthy and delicious!

I honestly admire vegans and vegetarians. I would never be able to do that.
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE vegetables and fruits (they are the major part of my diet), but I could never give up a juicy fish fried on the BBQ or a chicken made in the oven with some potatoes and herbs... yamm, I'm hungry already :D
So if you don't share my point of view, just cut me some slack and move on.

My mom and grandma are my mentors when it comes to cooking, but I am proud to say that I posses a serious dose of born talent :P How much? well... I guess you will need to stick around and find out ;)

Enjoy life and food!

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