Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Someone stop me!!!

I cannot help it! I'm just adding blogs I NEED to read to my google reader on a daily basis! And then I complain that I don't have the time to read all of them :)
But I cannot help it! When you find blogs that are totally awesome and you just NEED to know what is going to be posted next on that particular blog, then there is no other option than to add it to the "to be followed" list :D (without later complains)

For example you can find out about stuff like Five Tibetan Rites
I read about it on this lovely blog : Iona Hearts.
Check it out! It has more of these interesting stuff in there ;)

So Tibetan Rites... have you heard about it before? I haven't. It looks like this:

Picture here

It is defined as "an exercise program for youthing"
The benefits are as follows: "looking much younger; sleeping soundly; waking up feeling refreshed and energetic; release from serious medical problems including difficulties with spines; relief from problems with joints; release from pain; better memory; arthritis relief; weight loss; improved vision; youthing instead of aging; greatly improved physical strength, endurance and vigor; improved emotional and mental health; enhanced sense of well being and harmony; and very high overall energy."
Looks promising to me and not hard to do, you just need to be constant in with the "ritual". Shall we try it? ;) although more info will be needed on the subject so wish me luck with the background search :P

Enjoy your life!

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  1. Hi Misty, thanks so much for mentioning my blog and for your sweet comments. Let me know how you get on with the tibetan rites. I haven't been doing them - very naughty!