Sunday, August 15, 2010



Soooo, we're here! Welcome to the new blog. Here is the link to my old blog in case you stumbled upon this one the first time.
Isn't this great?
I love the background, just fits perfectly the name of my blog. I know it's a standard Blogger background, but when you love something, you just do, you don't question a girls taste ;)
Finally one single blog, unified and easier to write to as I have more topics to write about, not 3 different blogs with different topics.
Maybe you don't know, but I was also starting a cooking blog for which I have at least 30 recipes ready to post and more coming every time I get into the kitchen :)))
From now You will see those here too, hope you'll enjoy it.
Later on today I will post the "testimonial" for that part of my blog as well, so You know where I stand related to this topic.
I will also post some of my craft projects which I unfortunately neglected for the last couple of years, but this cannot go on any more! This is one of the things that makes me happy and neglecting it just builds up frustration. As much as I don't have time for it, I will NEED to make time for it.
And third (but certainly not least!) I will continue posting stuff that I find inspirational, amazing and beautiful wherever I may stumble upon then. Stuff that make you go from "WOW!" to "OMG!", stuff that make you think, stuff that make you think "Why didn't I came up with this idea?" or "I want one of those!". You know what I mean! ;)
Hope you continue to enjoy reading this blog.
Take care !

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