Thursday, February 24, 2011

Give !


I don't know how you are with these things, but I am utterly impressive when it comes to this subject.
What I am mumbling about?
It is simple and most "common" : homeless people.
I cannot imagine how it is not to have a home to go to or people who care for you and expect you home.
We are most fortunate: we cannot imagine because we never lived it. Say thanks to that right this second!
When I see a homeless person I am always very impressed and sad all of the sudden. I am sorry I cannot help each one of them. I do not care what are the reasons behind their street life, but it is sad. Totally...
Coming from a small city, I don't have a lot of experience with seing homeless people on every corner. The big city now takes up a lot of my "reasons to smile". Homeless, sad and sick persons on every corner.
Yesterday evening I was coming home from the market from where I bought, among other things, two breads. Why? I do not know, because I had one more in the fridge, so I obviously didn't needed two. On the way home I heard a voice behind me "Miss! Can you spare a piece of bread for me?" I am always impressed when they don't ask for money, but food. He was around 40, poorly dressed (considering that outside there were around -5 Degrees and a terrible wind), with a big bag right besides him. I didn't say a thing (always speechless in these situations), just gave him the extra bread... and walked away.
I cannot get it out of my head the way he almost ran for the bread. He didn't attach me, but took the bread and with tearful eyes he thanked me over and over again...
How can that not impress you? It was "just" bread!

We take too much things for granted people. Mother always said when we were little that it is not nice to throw out food and goods that can be reused in some way or another. "Think of all those people who don't even have a bread to eat. They sit around with a hurtful tummy because they have nothing to eat. How would they feel if they would see you being picky or throwing out food?" And that thought stayed with me until today.

In conclusion:
1. Don't throw out your food! Plan your menu in order to avoid having too much of it or buy stuff that wont go bad too soon.
2. Don't take things and people for granted! EVER!
3. Say thanks!
4. GIVE! Share!


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