Thursday, February 17, 2011

Swedish houses

A big LOVE for this!

I love the fact that these houses are flat, eco, simplistic and full of light! Big windows you know.
Here are a few examples of what I mean:
1. Source

How can you not love this pure light coming into your house?!

2. Source

A gorgeous lake house.

3. Source

A modern version.

4. Source

An eco frindly version.

And a lot more examples, just search it on Google.

At first sight these houses just seem too... well, simple and plain.
So why do I love them?

1. There are perfect for beach houses or right on the side of a lake.
2. Light! A LOT of light. <>
3. Non complicated, simple, yet very elegant houses.
4. I absolutely don't like overcrowded houses, so these kind of "only the strictly necessary" houses are just my kind ;)
5. These just seem to be some feng shui :) a lot of light, nothing seems to be blocking any flowing energies (nothing in these really, so no wander that nothing is blocking <>).
6. Just perfect for a relaxing weekend, a getaway or a romantic weekend spent with you loved one. Isn't it?

Of course there are smaller versions of Swedish houses, which are easy&quick to build. I am also guessing that the smaller ones are even cheap to build (comparing to a normal brick building).

The only thing that seems to be bugging me at these houses: how safe is it to live in one of these? In the end it is just glass which can be broken in a few seconds...
Yes, I know, I just ruined the whole "light" euphoria with my last pessimistic remark, but that is just me :)

B good!

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