Thursday, February 10, 2011

Weird facts about me :P

First and maybe the weirdest :
1. Love baking and cooking sweet stuff, but don't really like eating them. Weird, huh?
Than :
2. Love cupcakes ! to bake them, not to eat them, again :D
3. Don't like peanut-butter. I know, I'm a renegade now :))) But I do like peanuts and using peanut butter in recipes and cookies :)
4. Love movies! All kind: old, new, comedy, artistic, drama, crime, just don't show me horror movies! I will have "day nightmares" for years! I know movies are not real, but still cannot hold back in thinking that some weirdo out there might just put those sick things into real stories. Brrrr...
5. I follow around 100 blogs, but because I work around 10 hours / day I never get to actually read all of them... and than I complain about it :P

hm, this would be it for now, I will add more when I remember them :P

BTW! I found a link where you can find a loooot of blog links worth checking out ;)
So check it out :


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