Saturday, September 11, 2010


Pretty upset folks... Why?
Well, while I wrote about this a long time ago, it still bugs me. People nowadays mistake boudoir with sexy half naked girl images, that should not be the case.
Boudoir is a lady's private space, dressing room and NOT sex. Yes, she might have some in her private room, but that is not the point here.
Boudoir photography invaded the net(I still don't really understand how some soon-to-be-brides are comfortable with their sexy images invading the net, but that is their issue) and everyone forgot from where the word comes from.
I could luckily find one lady who still seems to appreciate the real value of a boudoir and I quote her below:

Every woman should have a boudoir. While the definition of a boudoir is a private room or dressing room, I like to think a boudoir could be a corner of your bedroom where you can go to pretty yourself up, powder your nose, spritz on some perfume...
There is a certain feeling that the word "boudoir" evokes. I always imagine lace, chiffons, pearls, delicate rosettes, tiny trinkets that glitter and sparkle in the sunlight.

Agree, totally so :)
How refreshing to know that some people actually do their homework.
While others ask stupid questions - like I got one - : "are you posting naked women pictures?" This came from someone who obviously has no idea of the real world. I got this question from a "he", so we can forgive him his ignorance on this little slip :P

Now, to the pleasant side of the subject, I love these bedrooms, indeed very boudoirish ;)

From here

Oh and this one is like a princess room from the fairytale in which she is locked up in the tower waiting for her prince to rescue her :)

From here

Have a nice weekend my dears!

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