Sunday, September 19, 2010

SSB: Lunch Boxes And A Pretty Red Pan

Remember that I was talking a while back about lunch boxes and that I NEED to buy a cute one?
Well (and this is interesting) I bought a Chinese made lunch box in a Japanese goods store :)))
It's quite cute. I bought one for me and one for my BF. I guess I don't need to explain which is who's ;)

So, the yellow (actually it is a light green-yellow combination, but in the picture it is quite yellow) one is MINE and MINE alone :D and the blue one is my BF's. We clarified that he wouldn't of liked the pink or the red version or the yellow/green one so he was ok with the blue one ;)

As you can see it is a typical lunch box, nothing unusual about it, but I still find them very cute :)
If you are out of ideas on what to put in your lunch box here are some good ideas from a very talented cook (in my humble opinion). Her name is Meeta and she runs the site "What's for lunch, Honey?". Step by to visit her.

Also, as I went out shopping (actually for food, but I cant help it if other stores got in the way as well)I also bought myself a new frying pan.
When I was little I could not understand how my mom can be happy for receiving anything that she would use in the kitchen. It was beyond my understanding! I always thought that she should kick my dad's behind for not buying her a perfume or a nice outfit or anything else more ... prettifying.
Well, now I start to get her. I cannot tell you how happy I was when I found this ceramic covered red pan. It's extra nice and it's supposed to he healthier than the usual non-stick pans.

I fell in love with it at first site :)
As I was restless I already tried it and it is different in the most positive way possible.

Enjoy your weekend my darlings! I'll be back tomorrow with some recipes ;)

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