Saturday, September 25, 2010

SSB : Homemade Mayonnaise

I don't know how many of you actually still do the mayo "inhouse" but it is worth it, believe me. Also, quite simple and uncomplicated.
The only mayo I bought was a Hellman's one, quite good actually, but still doesn't beat the REAL one ;)

Where to start, where to start...

Prepare the following:

1 Egg yolk - raw
1 Egg yolk - boiled - if you want a smaller quantity
1 tablespoon of mustard - any kind U like, I personally like the Dijon one ;)
oil - sunflower oil, olive oil, etc, whatever you prefer, but for the sake of a smoother taste choose one that doesn't have a very powerful taste on its own

lemon zest

Let's get to it, shall we?

Add one raw egg yolk and one spoon of mustard. If you need just a little bit of mayonnaise then add a boiled egg yolk as well, it will get thicker quicker with less oil ;) If you need more, a raw one will do it.

Mix together with a wooden spoon. Don't use metallic spoon or bowl when making mayonnaise. Keep it natural : porcelain, wood, glass, etc.

Mom always tells me to mix it always in one direction else the mayo will be spoiled... I don't know if that is true, never tried it :P

Add a bit of oil to the egg and mustard mixture. About a spoon or two at a time. Then mix. When its incorporated, put another spoon, and another spoon of oil.... and another, until you're bored :))) kidding! Add oil until it becomes hard enough that when you raise the spoon from the bowl, the mayo that is on the spoon, will not drop back in the bowl. It will look a bit elastic. Then you can stop.

You will see that even if you start up with barely something at the bottom of your bowl, by the 5th spoon of oil, you will have your bowl half full. IT GROOOWWWSSS! :))

Another tip, if by mistake you put in more then a bit of oil, don't panic, just start mixing it fast, with wider spins, you will see that it incorporates fast, no reason for panicking ;) I do not recommend you though to do this at your first attempt, you might not have enough practice yet, but if happens, just mix fast. Go, go, go!

Season with salt and pepper, just a bit. Add the lemon zest if you think that the mayo is way to ...oily. Some like it, some not, so test it how you like it. I personally like it plain, no lemon for me plsss :)

Now, you have your home made, all natural mayonnaise. Enjoy however you like it :)

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